Steps to create or draw Rangoli Designs

Steps to create or draw rangoli designs and pattern:

Step1:Choose rangoli design and deside colors

Very first thing is choose rangoli deisgn which you want to draw. You can draw your own rangoli or you can find rangoli books easily available in market or you can download rangoli designs from internet.


• Before you draw the rangoli design on floor mainly for rangoli competitions, you can draw and practice rangoli design in some drawing book.

• During rangoli competitions you will be in hurry to complete the rangoli with the provided time limit, with nice colors and beautiful finish or final touch you can say. So to achieve your dream design, its better you practice your rangoli design with various color combinations in the drawing book.

• Make use of filter which we use to filter tea. Choose the size of the filter depending on how delicate you rangoli deisgn is. Choose smaller filter if your rangoli design is very delicate and small.

• Easily you can find gulals[colors] and white rangoli powder in market. Get gulaus and lots of white rangoli powder so that you can mix the gulal with white powder to achieve the color shades you want.

Step2: Choose area to draw rangoli

To draw rangoli look for a clean area/floor carefully. Wipe the floor with a wet cloth and wait for the area to dry.


• To draw rangoli, area can be of any type, clean tiles, wood, Plate, front courtyard not cemented or plastered, front courtyard with cowdung spread on it.

• If the area is front courtyard not cemented or plastered, having mud on it. Clear in with broom stick, sprinkle water on it and wait until water is absorbed then draw the outline for rangoli design.

• To draw the rangoli if area is front courtyard with cowdung spread on it. Wait until it dries, else it becomes too difficult to draw rangoli and fill colors it the wet.

Step 3:Outline for rangoli design

Depending upon the space available, decide and mark the center point of the Rangoli . With a piece of chalk or rangoli powder, first draw the outline of the rangoli design. If you have decided to put the dotted rangoli, then draw the dots in the center position of the chosen area and then join the dots to accomplish the design.

Step 4: Drawing rangoli design

Draw the rangoli using chalk is its easy floor else used white powder to come up with outline and design completely.

Step 4: Filling color in the rangoli design

Fill in the outline with rangoli powder, the most challenging part of the whole exercise. Filling can be done using the tea filtering filter also. Pick up some powder with your thumb and index finger and fill in the design by rubbing the two fingers together and sprinkling the powder on the floor and start from inner circle. Go on filling the circles as per your pre-decided colors scheme till the last circle. The Kolam can extend with the use of various symbols. Take care to sprinkle the powder carefully do not let powders of two different colors merge with each other.

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