Rangoli Tips and Tricks
Rangoli Tips and Tricks

1->Use chalk to put dots and draw the rangoli design outline if its dry and smooth floor. It helps in completing the rangoli design faster.

2->Use Tea filter to fill the color into the rangoli design.

3->Use mehindi cones to fill the color into the rangoli design. Mehindi cones help to fill the colour more accurately and easily.

4->Flower petals of different colours (golden marigolds, bright red roses) can be used to add that extra dimension to your rangoli design.

5->If you are making rangoli design with edible material spray some pesticides near rangoli so that the ants do not attack and spoil the rangoli.

6->You can put a glass of appropriate size to put over the frame is essential to prevent damage as well as it will increase the glaze of Your Kolam [rangoli design].

7->Make white outlines to enhance the rangoli design.

8->If rangoli design contains spaces then place diyas to cover the space. In market we easily get thermocol diyas, even that can be used to cover the space.

9->Special floating candles are also available in the market. Float them in big containers of water along with flower petals.

10->You can also make a stencil of Rangoli. For this take a cardboard and draw the design you want to make, and cut out the design .So any time you want to make that design just sprinkle colour on the cardboard and the design is ready.

11->Donot use glue to make the rangoli permanent. That will only spoil the rangoli design

12->If you are in need of black color to fill into your rangoli, Instead of black color make use of charcoal. Its gives a nice black texture and look to your rangoli.

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