Materials to make or draw Rangoli
Mostly Rangolis are drawn with white stone powder.Chalk, sand, Rice flour, charcol, colored powders are also used. There are large variety of alternatives that can used to make rangoli designs.

•Rangoli colours - Gulals are readily available in the market, Bring all the required color and while power. Mix gulal with white power to the get the required shade or color

•Dried or Fresh flowers and leaves - readily available in the market

•Diya's/Candals to decorate and make the rangoli look more beautiful.

•Coloured rice - Soak the rice first then grind it to the fine texture . You can also colour rice at home using food colours. Wet the food colour powder with a few drops of water and rub the rice in it till it is uniformly coloured. Do not forget to wear gloves to protect your hands from getting coloured. Dry the rice on paper, in shade before use. If the rice is not completely dry it may leave coloured stains on the floor.

•Coloured Suzi/rawa/cream of wheat - Nice grains ,harder than saw dust easy to spread. but does not mix too well with color. Bouncier than color- thus may give a slightly whitish haze. But good part is it is hygroscopic. If you want the it to stay longer than a day this is the medium to use

•Petals - Rose petals, marigold petals, small purple paper flowers, finely cut greens-grass/ leaves-even methi leaves. Just fill up the large designs. Use strings of marigold and if you like strings of kanakambara/ jasmine flowers to outline

•Pulses/Cereals/grains - Nice grains ,harder than saw dust easy to spread but does not mix too well with color.

•Fabric or poster colour mixed with chalk powder.Mix a small quantity of colour with chalk powder. Apply it with brush on the floor. It just looks like painting on floor not a traditional form of rangoli , but it is scores over as it is very easy and is relatively permanent in nature

•Coloured stones - Use this only for big and abstract rangolis as finesse is not possible with such materials

The combination of rangoli powder, colors and flowers and petals is also used. First the rangoli is drawn with dots and lines. Colors are filled and flowers, petals, leaves are placed on the rangoli design to make it more beautiful.

Follwing are the Rangoli Colour and Accessories
Rangoli design Powder Colour Rangoli
Rangoli design KumKum
Rangoli design Small Box of Colour Filler
Rangoli design Rangoli Pen with 5 Holes
Rangoli design Rangoli Pen 3 in 1
Rangoli design Rangoli Plate Biba
Rangoli design Floating Transparent Deepak
Rangoli design Rangoli Net
Rangoli design Rangoli Roller
Rangoli design Rangoli Plate
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