How to make Mehindi cones to draw rangoli
Things required to make Mehindi cone: . Plastic sheet
. Scissor
. transparent adhesive tape
. White rangoli powder
. Small spoon

Cut plastic sheets with scissors into four equal parts, or four seats, with the help of scissors.

Place the two ends of the diagonal of the face, as the angle. Place the middle finger in the corner at the top and roll it over and over again around the middle finger to make a cone. Make sure the tip of the cone is narrow and closed. E "indicates the strong point of the cone.

Fill in White rangoli powder with hand or a small spoon in the cone. Two to three table spoon rangoli powder must fit in the cone. Now hold the open end of the cone above and fold it. Now roll it till you feel the cone is packed with rangoli powder. Now tape this end horizontally twice. The cone now will be firm and full for use.

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